1st anniversary, welcome to our party!

It’s time to bid on a birthday cake –dinodirect.com is celebrating its anniversary.
Almost a whole month range, starting from July 19th to August 13th, let’s celebrate together with Tripled Credits and Side-Wide Clearance Promotion!
More details:
1. How can I get tripled credits?
During the period of anniversary, you can get tripled credits with purchase by conversion $1=3 credit which is different from $1=1 credit in other 11 months.
2. Can I get the credits in other way?
A. 100 credits by signing up on Dino web
B. 3 credits by replying Dino forum thread
C. 15 credits by posting a relevant thread
D. 20-50 credits by writing a products review, and 50-100 by uploading a video review.
Hurry up! Take the preemptive opportunities, time to purchase!

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Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Gadgets

There are the basic things we have in the kitchen and there are other gadgets and appliances that some people don’t have or need depending on their cooking skills.

So see more Kitchen Gadgets: http://www.dinodirect.com/Home-Office/Kitchen-Dining/Kitchen-Gadgets

Wii Controllers

It is the new remote and sensor that make the new Nintendo Wii such a revolutionary gaming system. The Wii remote is used differently in different games to do things such as steer a truck by holding it sideways and moving side to side and throwing a bowling ball by swinging your arm back and forth (you can even twist it with your wrist to get a hook like in real bowling). The controller works using a sensor that you mount above the television. You can even select stuff on the screen by aiming at the screen, moving the cursor that appears, and pressing A to select. The remote runs on 2 AA batteries and has a power button to conserve battery life. It also will automatically shut itself down after inactivity to save batteries. Things can get wild when playing the games, so make sure stuff is out of your way, especially people to avoid injuries to yourself and others. Also, it is important to use the wrist strap as it can go flying across the room and/or to the ceiling if you hand slips and you do not have the strap on. Actually it still can fly across the room, but it is much less likely and it will not go as far.
Wii Controllers:

Wii Sensor Bars

In an age where everyone has a cell phone, wireless mice and keyboards are the norm for your computer, and your WiiMote connects to your Wii through Bluetooth technology, shouldn’t you avoid having an unsightly wire run behind your television? Well that’s exactly what Nyko figured too, and they sold me on the idea with the Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar. If you don’t like running a wire behind your TV for your Wii sensor bar or just want to eliminate clutter, you should definitely take a look!

So The First (And Most Relevant) Question: Why Get It?
Good question! I’m so glad you asked! The main reason to get the Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar is to eliminate the wire that hangs from your current sensor that’s on top of your TV and drops down to your Wii. If you have your TV mounted and didn’t have your Wii when it was mounted (or just didn’t have the foresight to put the sensor bar with everything through the wall), you probably have the wire going from the TV to where your Wii is. Now maybe you’ve managed to get it to go to the corner of the wall and drop down there, but it’s still ugly! With the Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar, you can get rid of it. Another reason to get rid of your original sensor bar is to eliminate clutter. I know that behind my TV is a jungle of wires that I would feel bad paying someone to untangle – so what happens when you go to someone’s house for the weekend and they want you to bring your Wii? Good thing you have the Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar – that’s one less cord to deal with! Or perhaps you’re tired of having to sit so close to the TV when you play your Wii – you’re afraid that you’re not going to launch your WiiMote into the TV, you’re going to hit it! Well the Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar has better range than it’s wired brethren. Wait, what? Better range? That’s right, young grasshopper. Read on.

So How’s It Work?
The Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar is very simple to set up and maintain – 4 (included) AA batteries pop right in, you place it on top of your TV (right in the center! Get your ruler out – I demand perfection!), press the on button, and ::presto!!:: wireless sensor bar magic! You have to sync it up with you Wii, but that takes all of 5 seconds to do.

Okay, So What Was That About Range Before?
The sensor bar that comes with the Wii has a range of 10 feet. The Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar has a range of 25 feet. That’s an extra 15 feet! Imagine what you can do! The biggest thing to take away from this is that if you like to stand someplace where your WiiMote begins to get a sketchy feed (e.g. your WiiMote seems a little jittery at times), you should get a much better signal from there.

With Range Like That, I Bet You Get Only A Few Hours Out Of The Battery, Right?
Wrong! You get 30 hours out of 4 AA batteries – which is pretty impressive in my mind. 30 hours is a lot of playtime, and I think that you will not be disappointed by what you get out of the Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar.

Okay, So What Happens When You (Inevitably) Forget To Turn It Off?
So you forgot to turn off your sensor bar – good thing you have it set to beep when it’s been on for either 1 or 2 hours, and if you don’t, good thing it turns itself off! Nyko has set up a great system for you (conveniently with a slide-bar), so you can set it to remind to you if you have had the sensor bar on for one or two hours. If you decide to not use this feature, but walk away and forget to turn it off, it still automatically powers down (it does this after a longer period of time, so you waste more batteries, though!).

How Big Is The Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar?
The best point of comparison is the original Wii sensor bar, and the Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar is longer, taller, and deeper (it has to at least fit 4 AA batteries, so think of how deep and tall that makes it at a minimum, compared to the original sensor bar). So while it’s bigger in every aspect, it’s not too big – if you put it on the top of your TV, it won’t catch people’s attention when they look at your TV.

This All Sounds Great – How Much Does It Cost?
$20. This will definitely not break the bank and will make a mounted TV look much, much better. The most expensive thing will probably wind up being replacement batteries as you Wii Fit every day! (Sorry, had to put a plug somewhere in here).

This All Sounds Great, But Is There Anything Else You Would Have Liked?
The only thing I would have liked with the Nyko Wireless Senor Bar would be a rechargeable feature. Now I know that you can use rechargeable batteries if you would like, but they know the rechargeable technology already - so how hard would it have been to include a plug that can plug into the side and charge the batteries when you’re not using it? This really is the only way that I would have improved upon the Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar – and it’s pretty petty if you think about it…

If you have a wall-mounted TV, the Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar should be a no-brainer for you. If you want to sit farther back from your TV, it should be a no-brainer for you. If you just want to eliminate wire clutter behind your entertainment center, then it should be a no-brainer for you. As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to get the Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar – you almost have to struggle to find a reason not to!

See More: http://www.dinodirect.com/Video-Games/Wii-Accessories/Wii-Sensor-Bars


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